Track your reading list with the safarireadinglist package

A little bit later, a little bit less reading done.

One or two years ago, my reading list became long enough to be unusable. In this data-centric age, I couldn’t risk throwing it all away, so I wrote a small utility to export my reading list for futher… reading… later…

Time makes fools of us all, and not only was the original reading list not read, but a new reading list has taken it’s place. It was time to revisit the Safari reading list project and turn it into a proper Python package:

GitHub - smrfeld/export-safari-reading-list: Export Safari reading list to JSON or CSV

safarireadinglist is a Python package to let you import your reading list, manipulate it, and export it to other formats (JSON, CSV, or a website!). It includes a CLI tool that’s as simple as:

export-safari-rl export

You can install the project from PyPI with pip install safarireadinglist.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think, and happy not-reading.


Oliver K. Ernst
October 20, 2023