How high should we go?

How high should we go? The hike starts before the first light, but where is my mind? Is it empty like all the wise phrases suggested to us all along the journey? Or is it still glued to goals and aspirations thousands of miles away…. Is it the hike that drains our energy, or is it me?

The first light in the Himalayas. We have already been up hiking for hours.

The previous day, calm at the top of the world.

The view inside. Nothing to do for the rest of the day but rest. At the time, my mind tried constantly to work on something, and became frustrated that it found itself finally isolated. I wish I had enjoyed these moments more.

The view outside. No cell coverage though :D


How lucky are we to live in a world that makes you feel happy to realize you are lost in it?

The top. Though I don’t know when I’ll break through to live honestly in the present moment, but it feels good anyways to see the world with you.


Oliver K. Ernst
May 5, 2022