Melt my brain

Melt my brain, we’re walking through the city trying to find shade in every corner. How quickly did Singapore’s rain umbrella turn into Bologna’s sun shade! Of course, you get what you pay for, and the 7-eleven purchase does little against the mid-day sun. No matter, at least the coffee is good.

The colors in this city really pop and I feel great, jet lagged and feet aching. Is this how good it feels to explore Europe together? Let’s do it again sometime :)

Dusty is the new hip. We touch everything, buy nothing.

Outside the restaurant. The hot food strangely hit the spot, even on such a hot day.

You got annoyed, I spent too long photographing the bicycles, and anyways is graffiti even art?

We sit in the restaurant garden at night. 蚊子! You shout slapping the air. The grilled octopus is the best we’ve ever tasted; you will try to reproduce it for months to come. It doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail, it’s the connection to the place that makes me happy.


Oliver K. Ernst
June 13, 2022