A room without a view - Paris, France

Did you ever arrive in a strange place and feel like you were home? That’s what the tiny apartment reminded me of, life in those first years for me in Germany.

The room looked onto nothing but the opposing wall and a narrow street with a laundromat at the end. We washed our clothes, and relaxed on the small bed, feeling rich in a strange home.

Down the street was this bakery. I held your hand, we bought strawberries at the market after, and life was perfect. Still is, too :)

A perfect blue sky and a percect cloud, I can still feel the breeze coming out from this photograph.

We rode the train with our backpacks, even though it was rush hour and the tin can’s inhabitants were annoyed.

I waited for you here to try on your new clothes. It felt good to be a human again, as it always does, but even when we’re not human it feels good to hang out with you.


Oliver K. Ernst
June 11, 2022